Rolex customization

Time App is a customizable luxury jewel

Originated from the mastery of Italian goldsmiths expertise, covered by an international patent, it’s made to be personal, rare and, just like the wearer, unique.
Rolex customization is accomplished with great care; each jewel, letter, number or symbol is created specifically for our customers’ watches, custom and handmade. It applies perfectly to the strap with a simple click.
For the personalization of your luxury watch we use diamonds, precious stones, white gold, yellow gold, pink gold and harmonic steel. We combine creativity, innovation and respect for tradition with highest level of preciseness.
Easily applicable and interchangeable, depending on the event and taste, they are made using the latest generation of highly specialized PVD processes and treatments that further enhance the TIMEAPP jewel and are used to protect its most exposed components.

Personaliza il tuo Rolex
Personalizzazione Rolex



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Personalizzazione Rolex

Rolex customization

The excellence of the goldsmith’s art and passion for innovative design characterize our creations and offer our customers a unique Rolex customization experience.
Customization convey emotions and reflects the qualities of the wearer. The style is personal and unique, in a class of its own. ADORN AND CUSTOMIZE YOUR LUXURY WATCH.
Our reputation is one of our most valuable assets. We not only adhere to the highest manufacturing standards applied to our industry but, by following our business principles, we work to achieve results that exceed our customers’ expectations of us.
The highly exclusive and symbolic character of our customization gives our creations an emotional component that completes the tailor-made Luxury Experience.

Personaliza il tuo Rolex

 Luxury Experience

The concept of luxury has become universally approachable but it is today thanks to the attention to detail, time dedicated and artisan skills that a luxury object turns itself into an authentic, unique and highly personal experience.
Aware of this, we at TIMEAPP, have decided to invest in research, materials and technologies to develop the highest rank of expertise in our field. Sifting the market and selecting, over the years, the most interesting customization options to keep up with the high standard of expectations of our customers.
This is the only way to have the certainty of a 100% unique jewel, thought and designed to be incomparable in the field of customization.

Personaliza il tuo Rolex
Personalizzazione Rolex