Letters for rolex

Time App is a customizable luxury jewel

TimeApp Milano’s Rolex cover letters are designed to make the metal bracelet of your luxury watch unique with a simple clip-on attachment.

TimeApp Milano personalized letters include in its collection numbers, initial letters and customizable symbols.

The personalized letters can be made by choosing from a wide range of precious materials such as diamonds, precious stones, white gold, yellow gold, pink gold.

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Letters for Rolex

We realize all the letters by hand, with care and attention to every detail. Exclusive and distinctive, the handmade letter for rolex, is made following the highest quality standards dictated by the Italian goldsmith tradition.

It is applicable to Oyster and Jubilée watch straps and to all leather straps, leather or leather accessories. This jewel case allows you to personalize and make your Rolex unique. Using these jewels in the shape of letters of the alphabet, focusing on initials or choosing another meaning, you will find a way to express yourself.

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 Luxury Experience

A customizable symbol or initial letter communicates something about yourself without having to say anything. With a Rolex handmade cover letter you define a style that allows you to express your personality in an elegant and luxurious way. Our Rolex letters, with their impeccable design and fine materials, tell a unique story, your story.

The personalized letters are the jewel that makes your already iconic and timeless Rolex unique and inimitable.

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